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Mangawhai Domain Society Inc Committee

Any persons residing in the Mangawhai District and adjoining districts, and being a rate payer of Kaipara District Council is eligible to be a member of the Mangawhai Domain Society Incorporated, with “Mangawhai and adjoining Districts” meaning within the Mangawhai Beach School catchment area. 

The Committee is elected at the AGM each year, and during the year the Committee may appoint new Committee members, consist of max. 10 members [being 4 Officers and 6 members]. All eligible members of the Mangawhai Domain Society [MDS] are entitled to vote at the AGM.  If interested to contribute your time and experience as a Committee member send us an email to the Chairman and cc Secretary.

The main sports groups at the Domain have  a member within the Committee and/or have a representative liaising with/reporting to the Committee.

Charities Registration
# CC 31949

August 2019 - July 2020 Domain Committee and Club Representatives


 Robert de Koning

 tb appointed

 Bart Peters

 Orbit Audit     Whangarei

 Trevor Downey

 Brenda Coleman 

 Rosanne Davies

 Warren Stott

Part-time Admin

Kathy James

Club Representative 

 Brenda Coleman

 Craig Freeman

 Rosanne Davies

 Warren Stott
 Committee position


Gala Coordinator





 Committee Member

 Committee Member  

 Committee Member 

 Gala Administration
 Gala Bookings


 Kaipara Dog Training Club [KDTC]

 Mangawhai Football Club [MFC]

 Mangawhai Tennis Club [MTC]
 Mangawhai Cricket Club [MCC}
 Note: in process of registration
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Clubs email addresses
Note: temporary email from jan. 2020
The Domain Committee is made up of community volunteers, most with full time jobs and not always available throughout the day at the times when tradesmen, contractors, groundsmen and the like, need entry to the Domain,  instructions and details of work required as decided by the committee etc. Robert de Koning and Trevor Downey are available most days at short notice. Contact details as above .

Mangawhai Domain Society Membership Application

Interested to become a member of the Mangawhai Domain Society, please send an email to the Secretary via with name, contact and address details. Once received we will contact you and send a reply email with confirmation of acceptance [as location check required if within the Mangawhai Beach School catchment area] and bank account number for you to pay the $10 membership fee into our account [internet banking transfer only].