Domain Happenings

News and Future Domain Developments

June 2018 - Planting the Fence Line 

              Daniel and John digging holes.

              Planting out the shrubs.

May 2018 - Concrete new Archgola 

              Drainage all sorted by Mark Gash.

              Kauri Coast Concrete preparing base.

Boxing in place ready for the concrete.

     It's finished and looks great thanks Kauri Coast       Concrete for another awesome job :-)

May 2017 - At last new Archgola Gazebo 

     Drilling holes for the posts.

     Posts in place.

    Framing complete ready for the roof.

     Its really impressive.

April 2017 - Adding some more Storage

     Located at end of the Children's Playground.

     Pip and Buck - measure twice and cut once.

     Nearly finished.


April 2017 - Old Gazebo Relocated

     Moving one section at a time.

    First half relocated at the Play Ground.


     We needed a little help to left it into place.

     Special thanks to Gary Crosbie - Mangawhai         Engineering.

      Second half relocated down by the Inlet.

December 2016 - Septic Fix

               Pip and Mark confirming next 
               step as Jimmy watches on.


Jimmy and his digger add the final touches
December 2016 - Gazebo Meeting Room

      Work has begun - footings for posts dug.

      Supports on frame in place.

               Pip and Richard final touches to roof.
               All finished and looking fantastic.

June 2016 - Driveway Upgrade

Stage 1 of 3
With significant financial assistance from the Mangawhai Endowment Fund we have been able to start the upgrade of the driveway.  For this first stage, once the site was prepared concrete was laid from the road entrance up to Rose Masden Cottage. Kauri Coast Concrete had this project in hand.
Digger removing surface and old metal.

      First section ready for concrete.

      Boxing in place and packing down ready for              concrete.

      First section pour - looking good.

      Final touches by the experts.

      Second section poured.

      Stage one of the driveway - finished :-)

Finishing touches - spreading metal along the edges.

Many thanks to Kerry Radford for supporting the Domain by completing this task.

May 2015 - Field Drainage

Due to the fact the fields of the Domain become very wet during our winter months there was a need to install significant drainage.  This large project in terms of capital expenditure and the work required would not have been possible without the income from the Annual Summer Gala and the support from various funding agencies including Kaipara District Council.

Pip is heading up the drainage project and work is well underway...

      Work undertaken by: Field & Farm Drainage              Services / Contact Tony Nankivell 022 327 6349

April 2015 - Walkway Bridge

A team effort for this project, the "Team" being: Pip and Mark.
After a couple of days and some good weather we now have a bridge connecting the walkway.

February 2015 - Shed Extension

With an increased need for somewhere to store all the equipment used to maintain the Domain and support the Clubs that use it we need to make the storage shed bigger.

Pip is the man in charge of this project and progress too date is excellent with pad down and construction on schedule....

     and voila, the shed finished :-)

Special thanks to:
KDC Endowment Fund - Many thanks to Kaipara District Council for assisting with funding.
Colin Campbell - Architect - for his very community minded fee.
KDC Mayoral Fund - for covering the majority of the consent fee.
Kauri Coast Concrete - for providing their services at a very good rate.