Domain History



A Public Meeting was called on 1st December 1958 to discuss the possibility of acquiring land for a recreational ground in Mangawhai Village.  A suitable piece of land was found on Moir Road, owned by Mr. & Mrs. Obrist, who lived in the cottage that is now the Plunket Rooms, as shown in minutes taken on that day.

The people of Mangawhai and Districts of Te Arai, Hakaru, and Tara, were canvassed for funds and their generosity was incredible.   61 people donated enough money to pay half the amount owing for the land, and a Bank Loan would be raised for the second half.  See minutes of 26th January 1959

Copies of first Income & Expenditure showing the money paid to Mr & Mrs. Obrist and "Donations" received from the Public.

A Committee meeting straight after the Public Meeting was held and the first steps taken to raise the funds required to buy the land, which had been bought for One Thousand, Five Hundred pounds ($3000)  The areas (zones) were allocated to Members to canvass.

The amount of Eight Hundred pounds was paid - see minutes of 3rd February 1959

On 25th May 1959 a Committee Meeting was held to discuss the formation of a Incorporated Society.    Attached is the original list of the Members.

Now that the land was purchased, the Committee had to decide what to do with it!

On 4th May 1960 an inspection of the grounds was made by R. King, N. Hastie, W. Phillips, W. Moir, and V. Radich, with a view to sort out what to put where, and general future layout.

The land was let for grazing, and fencing was undertaken.  Working bees were held to clear land, and tidy fences etc. and recorded in the minutes.  Notice the cost of 40 pounds ($80 approx.) for two months grazing.  Posts and battens were obtained (see minutes) but they must have been donated - because the only fencing expenses appearing in the expenditure for this year, were "staples" costing nine shillings and four pence.

THE FIRST ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  (1960) was held on 9th June 1960 in the Mangawhai Library Hall.   Members selected for the Committee, were Chairman C. H. Singleton, Vice Chairman C. L. Carter, Secretary/Treasurer H. N. Duxfield, Auditor, Mrs. A.G. Hopkins, Committee Members x 6 were W. Moir, C. L. Carter, W. Phillips, R. King, R. Ashby, A. J. Wood, E. Renner, and W. Phillips.

Membership for the year ended 31.3.60 was 61 people.   During this period, a lot of work was done on the land by local farmers, repairing fences, removing rubbish, but no records were kept of the hundreds of hours of voluntary work done, but without these generous pioneers, we would NOT have a Domain or Domain Pavilion as we have now.

The next Committee Meeting was held on Thursday 9th June 1960, in the Mangawhai Hall.   Interest was being paid to Mrs. Obrist on the purchase of the land, a working bee was to be held on Thursday 16th June 1960.   Meeting on 7th February 1961, was the only other meeting prior to the 2nd Annual General Meeting on Friday 22nd September 1961. Mrs. Urlich was to be charged 15 shillings per week to graze the orchard until further notice, and Ken Leslie was approached re bulldozing on the grounds.

Elected Officers for 1960    Chairman - C. H. Singleton, Vice Chairman C. L. Carter, Treasurer .H. N. Duxfield, Auditor Mrs. A.J. Hopkins. Committee, W. Moir, C. Carter, W. Phillips, R. King, R. Ashby, A. J. Wood, E. Renner, & W. P. Phillips

2ND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  (1961) was held on Friday 22nd September 1961 at 8:00 p.m. in the Mangawhai Hall.   1961 saw the membership drop from 61 down to only 8 financial members (who donated 68 pounds.)  Grazing brought in Fifty Four  pounds.

Elected Officers for 1961.   Chairman C. L. Carter, Vice Chairman R. N. Hastie, Secretary/Treasurer H. N. Duxfield, Committee Members, E. Renner, J. Wood, W. Moir, D. C. Cullen, G. Davies, and H. Denize.

Grading and rotary hoeing for 1961 was Fifty Six pounds, this was paid to Rodney County Council, and rotary hoeing to Ken Leslie?  A very simple BALANCE SHEET !!

The next meeting was held on 22nd September 1961, straight after the AGM, where tenders were called for grazing, for the next four months.  An account for payment to Ken Leslie was passed for payment for work on the grounds.  Nothing else of note.


During the year ended 31st March 1962 there was only one paid up member, Mr. C. H. Singleton, who made a donation of Fifty pounds.   The Boy Scouts used the Domain (I think there was some sort of little shed there) for storing newspapers they collected to sell for funds, and donated Five pounds Eleven shillings and Nine pence to the Domain.   Other income for this year was from grazing.

Expenses were Ken Leslie for bulldozing, C. Cowdrey for bulldozing, Bank Interest on Loan, and general expenses.

At this Annual General Meeting a committee member Mr. W. Moir suggested that it be recommended that the incoming committee start ANOTHER DRIVE to collect enough funds to pay off the Bank Loan on the Mortgage to Mrs. Obrist.  Also decided that the back portion of the grounds be fenced off.  And it was planned to graze this area with sheep if possible.

ELECTED OFFICERS 1962.  Chairman C. L. Carter, Vice Chairman R. N. Hastie, Secretary / Treasurer H. N. Duxfield, Auditor Mrs A. Hopkins, Committee Members W. Moir, H. Denize, C. Murray, J. Wood, R. Wintle, E. Renner..


Held on Wednesday 3rd July 1963 at the Mangawhai Hall.

During the last 12 months there were NO PAID UP MEMBERS, but income was derived from a donation from the Mangawhai Athletic Club, and a Grant from the GOLDEN KIWI lottery (predecessor to LOTTO) There were 13 people at the AGM

Expenditure was for general/stationery etc. and ground development expenses, Somner & Sons for leveling, Dairy Co. for fertiliser, posts, grass seed and bank interest. 

Balance sheet only showed Liabilities for Mortgage of Seven Hundred pounds, and Bank account, Land as assets.

In November of 1962, fences were erected between the front and back areas of the grounds, the developed area, and the un-developed area. Topdressing etc was carried out. Eastern Rugby Football Club requested the use of the fields for the 1963 season and that was agreed to, for the sum of one pound ($2) per day.   Also at this AGM it was resolved that Cricket members could use the fields as required for one pound per day also.  So during the early Sixties the ground was used for rugby in the winter and cricket in the summer.   A Circular letter was sent to all permanent residents of Mangawhai outlining the Domain Society's proposals to raise funds to enable the mortgage to be paid off.   Expenses from 1963 Income & Expenses Account.

ELECTED OFFICERS 1963  Chairman C. L. Carter, Vice Chairman R. N. Hastie, Secretary / Treasurer H. N. Duxfield, Committee Members, R. H. Denize, C. Murray, J. Wood, R. Wintle and E. Renner.

A Committee meeting was held on 7th April 1964, where the Secretary was instructed to get a Government Valuation of the land.   The following Committee members were asked to canvas the Mangawhai and adjoining areas of Coal Hill, Hakaru, Tara, & Molesworth to get more funds.   The 4 members asked to do this were W. Moir, E. Renner, D. Denize, A. Wood.   The secretary was instructed to contact the Secretary of the Cricket Club (H. Hill) regarding the number of games played on the grounds during the last season, and requested that the wicket be re-turfed.


This was held at the Mangawhai Hall of Tuesday August 1964.  It was decided to pay off the Mortgage on the land, by way of a Bank Overdraft.  No other business - Committee Members voted in were, R. Hastie, C. L. Carter, H. N. Duxfield,

W. Hastie, W. Moir, E. Renner, R. Wintle, D. Denize, and J. Wood.   From the Receipts and Payments Account, it would appear that in this year there were only 3 paid up Members.  Donations were received from the Scout Club, and other Income was earned from Grazing, sale of timber, & interest.  Payments included Hall Hire for the Mangawhai Hall of One Pound, gates, pipes, timber, fertilizer, and general bits and pieces.

A Committee Meeting was held at the grounds, to discuss a tender from Mrs. K. Urlich for grazing the back part of the Domain.   This was passed at the agreed rate of Thirty Pounds ($60.00) for 12 months.  At this meeting it was also agreed that the Society supply wire, battens, staples and labour, to re-new the boundary fence.


Held in the Mangawhai Hall 29th June 1965.

The Secretary (Mrs. J. Wood,) was instructed to apply to the Otamatea County Council for any available funds to erect a Pavilion on the Society's grounds.   In this year's Financial it appears that the drive to get extra funds worked, because there were 25-30 Members paid up with Donations etc.   People also donated cows and calves at this time.    There was enough income from this income together with Raffles, Sale of Hay, Grazing, Bank Interest, and the sale of donated stock, to enable the Committee to repay the Mortgage on the land of Seven Hundred pounds ($1500.00) leaving only a slight overdraft of One Hundred and Fifty Nine pounds and Eight pence at the end of the financial year.

The Domain was plodding along nicely, with voluntary help, a good working Committee,  having only the one Meeting per year, and the general Public were again taking an interest in the proceedings.   This was the first suggestion of a permanent building on the Domain.

Maureen Beavan