2020 Stall Holder bookings

Stall Holder Bookings for Gala Day 2020

Booking form and current site availability is at bottom of this page. Please read all the information on this page before making booking.
  • encouraging early bookings via internet by sending email to mangawhaigala@gmail.com
  • payment via internet banking as informed through bookings reservation email issued
  • enabling for those who cannot "internet book" and/or "internet bank" to use alternative methods.
  • giving preference for particular sites on a "first paid, first choice" conditional on reserving the right for the Gala Coordinator to make final allocation 
  • having restrictions on selling of food and drinks to eat/drink except with the specific approval in writing by the Domain Committee.
Domain Committee established the following policy for Stall Holder bookings for Gala 2020. 
  • Stallholders are not permitted to sell or give away drinks (including soft drinks, water, tea, coffee, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages etc), or sandwiches/rolls, cakes, or hot foods, or ice creams, fairy floss etc since these affect the operation of "food" stall holders who pay a premium fee or their site.
  • General policy not to allow other groups to undertake fund-raising activities from stalls during Gala Day. However, the Committee will consider individual requests and has and will allow some under certain conditions.
  • Busking is not allowed from stalls. 
  • Important that you keep all your activities within your allocated stall site area to facilitate public access and event safety.
  • All vehicles parked away from your site should be in designated areas; otherwise it becomes difficult to park visitors (your customers) to the event.
  • Our normal policy is that we do not refund for cancelled bookings, but with plenty of advance notice we can normally come to some satisfactory arrangement.
  • Continuing policies for Gala 2020 will be:
    • not to allow for the selling of  live animals from the stalls, except with specific permission.
    • not to allow the use of generators on the sites during the time of public access, except with specific permission.
    • limiting excessive use of amplified sound / voice where it interferes with the activities of nearby stallholders.

Gala Day Hours:

- 06.00 - gates open for Stall Holders

- 08.00 - last entry by Stall Holders

- 08.15 - any cars that are not fitted entirely within    a reserved Stall Holder site to be moved to the        general car park.

- 08.30 - early time for public entry, main numbers    after 9.00am

- 14.00 - nominal close, but can be later or earlier    depending on the public.

- 17.00 - closure of field area, all cars and vans to be moved to regular car park area

For all Gala related inquiries contact the Gala Coordinator via email mangawhaigala@gmail.com
Please BOOK but DO NOT PAY if you intend to sell food and/or drinks for consumption at the Gala.  We have a strict policy about how Food and Drink sites are allocated.

The general procedure for booking is:
  1. Fill in on-line booking form at bottom of page.
  2. Pay the required fee by Direct Deposit / Internet Banking to the Domain Committee's ASB Account (details below).
  3. Alternatively, but less preferred, is payment by cheque to the Mangawhai Domain Committee at PO Box 118, Mangawhai, together with you name, full physical address, phone contact and preferably an eMail address. If you are to follow this method of payment, advise clearly in your online booking form.
  4. Once we have received your booking and payment, we will send confirmation via email.
  5. From early November you will receive your confirmation pack, latest by mid December.
  6. Once received you should read this information very carefully, and comment back within 2 weeks, and to be clear no comments will be processed past 20th December 2019.
Domain Bank Account:

Mangawhai Domain Society Inc [dedicated fore Gala]
Account ASB 12 3094 0155962 01

When making the payment include at least "Gala2020" and "Your Name", with the name being clearly similar to the name on the bookings form.
Please note, site fees once paid into our account  are non-refundable.

General site sizes and costs for Gala 2020
All sites 5m front by 6m deep
- $ 75.00 (incl GST) 01 April to 15 Dec 2019
- $ 90.00 (incl GST) on or after 15 Dec 2019

Food & Drinks stall:
For Food and/or Drink stalls a premium fee will be applicable, to be agreed with Gala Coordinator.

PLEASE make sure you do have the Site Confirmation [refer to email received] with you on the Gala day for entry check by volunteer at access gate to stall holder site area. Failing to have proof of bookings/stall location number with you creates extra work, we reserve the right to either charge you an additional fee [as extra time will be required to check out with administration], and if in combination with late arrival we might even exclude you entry.